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Remember the lady who won $43 million on a slot machine, but was only given a free steak dinner instead? She’s suing now.

Surely, you remember this from back in November. A woman played a slot machine in Vegas and hit a jackpot of 43 mil, then when she tried to cash out, the casino said ‘nah’, and instead gave her a free steak dinner and $2.25. Well, now’s she lawyered up and suing those sons of bitches. From CNN Money: Bookman’s attorney Alan Ripka says he has been fighting for months to get the casino to pony up more cash for Bookman, but to no avail. So, on June 14, he filed a lawsuit. The complaint alleges that Resorts World Casino was “negligent” and did not adequately maintain their lottery equipment. It also posits that Bookman suffered “mental anguish” as a result of the incident and she sustained a “significant” monetary setback because she “lost the chance and/or opportunity to win” on the machine. Ripkin says he plans to seek at least $43 million in damages. Get that money! It’s not your fault the casino royally F’d up. She won’t see 43 million, but I’m sure we’ll get some kind of settlement here.

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