Gemma Lee Farrell & Girlfriends Caught A Marlins-Cubs Game


You know what’s a disgrace? Not a single baseball blog posted about Gemma Lee Farrell — over 1.1 million IG followers — and her girlfriends attending Tuesday’s Marlins-Cubs game. That’s an insult to pop culture and baseball. That’s what’s wrong with baseball. The nerds control everything in that sport and they act like they can’t appreciate a hot IG chick.

Think about Gemma Lee Farrell at some random NFL game. There would be 20 blog posts about it. And then one thing would lead to another and she’d be linked to Gronk. That’s why baseball has like two stars. Bryce Harper’s married and Mike Trout’s engaged.

I’ve said it time and time again — baseball has to capitalize on hot chicks at games. Remember back in May when Marlins Man took the Mermaids to a game and they made a video for BC? That content went nuts the next day. All the pop culture blogs were on that content.

So good for Gemma Lee and her girlfriends for making baseball fun for the common guy. Baseball nerds won’t give you the time of day, but here at BC we’ll forever give the common guy what he’s looking for on the internet.

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