Megan Retzlaff Breaks Down NBA Finals For Me While Pouring Water On Her New Swimsuit

It’s good to check in from time to time with our old friend Megan Retzlaff (@MeganRetzlaffto see how she’s doing and talk sports with an IGer I first met at Super Bowl XLVII when we stayed in the same house and had to share a bathroom. The two of us kept it professional and here we are all these years later able to talk NBA Finals over an IG where Megan’s pouring water on her new swimsuit.
That’s the kind of sports site I set out to create nearly 10 years ago.
It was meant to be a sports site that wasn’t the boring normal stuff that big time blogger journalist guy was creating because he wanted a newspaper or TV job. Not me. I wanted to get away from newspapers — my day job. I wanted a site where I could talk LeBron/Cavs with IG bikini models and post MTV Cribs-like athlete real estate listings. Here we are still going strong after all these years.
Anyway, Megan’s one of the good ones on IG. Now we just need her to ramp up her postings even if it’s just NBA/NHL analysis.

Do I need Jalen Rose to say the same thing? No. Do I need Screamin’ A. coming up with some bullshit analysis to drive screaming matches with that Will d-bag? No. I’ll go right to the IG models.

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