Shoutout to LaVar Ball For Masterfully Playing Off This Brick

Last week, Ice Cube issued a challenge to Big Baller Brand founder/spokesman/hypeman LaVar Ball: make a “Big 3” four-point shot (30 feet) and he’ll buy 10 pairs of ZO2s ($4,950 not including tax):

Now LaVar is the biggest baller in the streets today (at least that’s he tells us on “First Take” and “Undisputed”), so you better believe he jumped on this marketing opportunity and accepted Cube’s challenge.

Of course, this is big baller Lavar, so he threw down his own selfish ultimatum before showing off that sweet stroke:

— Lavar Ball (@Lavarbigballer) May 30, 2017

Undoubtedly one of the loudest bricks I’ve ever heard in my life, but goddamn did he sell a made shot there.

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