Buy This New England Patriots Tailgate Bus — $2,000

via Craigslist
Is this the best New England Patriots tailgate bus we’ve ever posted on BC? Not even close. But we know there are definitely some Massholes out there who need this thing for yet another Super Bowl run — especially at just $2,000 (OBO!).
According to the current owner, the Pats Missile has been in service since the 2009 season, which means it’s already worked two championship campaigns. Considering that evil mastermind Bill Belichick continues to dominate both the sidelines and front office, we expect a few more Super Bowl appearances in this decade.
Details from the Craigslist ad:

Patriots bus for sale runs good but needs some work. Here’s the list of what’s needed . It needs some welding on steps and a new filler neck for the gas tank and the brakes are a little soft but work good. And it has some roof leaks Have been using it the 12 years for tailgating and put no more than 100 miles a year. It’s not perfect but a little work and it’s ready to tailgate again. $2000 or best offer

via Craigslist
via Craigslist

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