Bears Fan Gets Birthday Cake Featuring Mitch Trubisky's Greatest Tweet

Draft night is always fun because without a doubt somebody unearths an embarrassing tweet from when these draftees were just firing from the hip without thinking of future repercussions. It’s almost a guarantee at this point that somebody is going to get outed.
Mitch Trubisky probably had the best old tweet since this phenomenon became a thing. It was back when he was just a sophomore in high school and it’s a first ballot HOFer. So simple and to the point. 
Don’t we all, Mitch. Don’t we all.
Now he’s a Chicago Bear and this Reddit user decided he would honor this incredible tweet by featuring it on his buddy’s birthday cake, who’s a Bears fan.
via mattigus/Reddit
Great friend.

I guess Bears fans have come around a little bit since last month

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