Here’s Another Look at Fat Kelvin Benjamin


As you can see above, the adventures of fat Kelvin Benjamin progressed to Day 2 of Panthers OTAs — much to the delight of Eddie Lacy, probably.

Kelvin, who’s obviously nowhere near his 245-pound playing weight at the moment, wowed everyone for all the wrong reasons on Tuesday when he ran this route like he was in quicksand:

We told Panthers fans in our first Fat Kelvin post to not freak out about their top wide receiver looking like he’s spent the past few months pounding cookie dough, and we’re sticking to that position. Yes. This new photo is pretty uninspiring stuff, but once again, it’s only May. There’s so much time to shed all that flab.

And if it makes you feel any better, Panthers writer Max Henson only had positive things to say about Kevlin in his Day 2 report:

Speaking of Benjamin, it was a near-miss that earned him the most praise from coaches and teammates. Benjamin performed a full-extension dive in an attempt to reel in an overthrown pass against the sideline. The ball came loose as his body struck the ground, but several people, including Rivera, rushed over to applaud the impressive effort.

For all the NFC South fans who want to enjoy Fat Kelvin while they can:

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