Kelvin Benjamin Looking Light a Tight End at OTAs

Last month, Panthers head coach Ron Rivera told The Charlotte Observer he was a little worried about Kelvin Benjamin packing on the pounds this offseason:

“He is a little heavy. He knows it. We’ve talked about it. We talked about what he has to do, and he’s done a great job,” Rivera said Saturday.
“Am I concerned? Yes, because he is heavy. I’m going to admit that right now,” Rivera added. “But is he working hard? Absolutely. He’s been there everyday and done the things we’ve asked him to do, and it’s all strictly on a voluntary basis.”

The report noted that Benjamin was hovering around the 252-pound mark (not 280), which is just seven pounds heavier than his listed playing weight of 245 pounds last season. Nothing crazy.
Has Kelvin showed signs of improvement after a month? Judging from this clip of him running a route today… not really:

Now I can understand why Panthers fans might be a tad bit worried about one of their top playmakers turning into a blocking tight end, but you guys have to remember it’s only May. Preseason doesn’t get rolling until August, Kelvin has plenty of time to hit the stairmaster and shed the flab.

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