Giants Reliever Cory Gearrin Got Married On Thursday — The Giants Had A Day Off

I have to give some attention tonight to Giants reliever Cory Gearrin and his new wife Maddie for pulling off something rarely done in the sports world — that I know of — especially in baseball. They went and got hitched Thursday on Cory’s day off. It wasn’t just any day off, it was a day off before a road trip to St. Louis.

How did Cory spend the night before his wedding at San Francisco’s City Hall? He pitched a scoreless inning against the Dodgers, went to bed and got up to get married.

Then he got a couple nights off before pitching today in St. Louis where he gave up three hits and an earned run in an 8-3 loss, his first as a married man.

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Other notable off-day weddings in the sports world that I know of include Christian & Samantha Ponder getting hitched in the middle of the week after going out for about two months.

The one that really sticks out is Peyton Hillis getting married on a Tuesday back in 2011. That was a weird one because Hillis had a weird season. He went from all-world in 2010 to pretty much totally absent in 2011. There was a Madden curse and a weird wedding.

As for Gearrin, the honeymoon continues with a trip to Chicago and then the romance continues in Atlanta for a three-game series over Memorial Day weekend.