Braves Groundskeeper Put His Life On The Line To Save A Flying Tarp

You never know what can happen when a tarp gets a mind of its own and decides to go rogue. You get that wind blowing up underneath it and who knows what kind of destruction these things can do.

That’s why we put our trust in the hands of the grounds crew to make sure nothing crazy happens when a big storm rolls through. These people will do anything to keep that infield dry during a rain delay. If that means laying on the ground and holding on for dear life, then so be it.

the Braves grounds crew is struggling with the tarp

— Danny (@recordsANDradio) May 20, 2017

Give this man a round of applause. Risking it all for the sake of baseball.

@Braves this man laid his life on the line for this tarp😂

— Hunter Moncrief (@MrMoncrief12) May 20, 2017

They Also got some help from the Nationals players

thanks to @nationals lanzador de relevo Oliver Perez for helping the @SunTrustPark crew get the tarp controlled at the @braves game today😝

— dandy lee strickland (@strickdand) May 20, 2017