Peyton Hillis Did Marry Amanda Brown On Tuesday [License Proof!]


First of all, huge congratulations to the guys at for calling county courthouses in Arkansas trying to find some sort of proof whether a Peyton Hillis wedding went down this week. You might remember how Busted Coverage told the world a wedding was going down Tuesday – an NFL off-day – and that Hillis was tying the knot.

Folks, the Cleveland media still hasn’t figured this one out. Shame on you, Carl Monday.

It’s unclear why the Cleveland media isn’t firing on all cylinders on this story. The Morning Journal had a small blurb in today’s Browns wedding.

Hillis spent his off Tuesday getting married to Amanda Marie Brown in Fayetteville, Ark. A copy of the marriage license is posted on the website illegal

Hillis was unavailable Friday to comment on the nuptials.

First question: “Peyton you missed a game for strep. Is getting married on an off-day the right move to be making right now?

And the AP had this report:

One day earlier, Hillis got married in Arkansas. The ceremony was first reported on Arkansas, which posted an online photo of his wedding license. Hillis’ marriage was confirmed by a few of his teammates following Friday’s practice.

Sorry, homeboys. Without BC busting this one wide open that story never even finds the light of day on some stupid ArkansasSports360.

Anyway, if you have photos from the wedding at the Pratt Barn and want to drop them on us, feel free. Let’s make women tear up at the thought of Hillis being off the market. Sad day for white women everywhere.

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