Introducing The Guy With The Nick Saban Back Tattoo — It’s Jmcmillions!


It was just a matter of time before we learned the identity of the Bama fan with a Nick Saban mural tattoo on his back. We now have a face to put with the back that became a sensation over the weekend when Jmcmillions — Jason McMillan — was spotted shirtless with that glorious Saban on his back while at Talladega.

What do we know about Jason? Not much. He seems to just be going through life doing his thing, minding his business with one of the best tats in Bama history. We’ve learned from his IGs that Jason started out his Bama back tat with the ‘A’ and the championship years before adding the Saban.

Now I have questions:

  1. Why haven’t you added 2015 to the tat?
  2. When will you add a giant elephant to the other side?
  3. How much did those tats cost?

I’m sure I can come up with more. This is just the beginning. Something tells me there will be a BC Q&A coming up with Mr. McMillan.

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Boss is tha man

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My baby!!

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