My Buddy Jordan Strack Went Off On Grown Men With Gloves At Games…Then His Guy Harbaugh Wore Glove To Game

By now you’ve seen my buddy Jordan Strack’s rant about grown men stealing foul balls from little kids and for wearing baseball gloves to baseball games. It was an impassioned take. Strong. Well-worded. Had viral legs. Strack says you shouldn’t be taking a glove to a game beyond your 15th birthday.
“If you’re over the age of 15, please don’t take a baseball glove to a game. That’s my final rant for tonight. We’ll be right back,” Strack said Sunday night on Toledo’s CBS affiliate.
Again, great argument against grown men who act like little kids who never grew up.
This is where I remind you that Strack’s also a Michigan Man. Loves Jim Harbaugh. HUGE fan of Harbaugh.
Guess what Harbaugh did last night at Dodger Stadium…GUESS!

Yep, there it is, ready to catch a foul ball…of course Harbaugh’s a foul ball guy

And it’s not the first time

Now let’s go to Strack’s response after last night’s glove game

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