Ezekiel Elliott Awkwardly Danced On Stage While Rae Sremmurd Performed In Dallas

The Weeknd is touring the US right now and he made a stop in Dallas last night. One of his opening acts is rap duo Rae Sremmurd who had the smart idea to bring up Ezekiel Elliott on stage knowing that it would most likely bring the house down. Instead, it was just kind of awkward.
See this is the thing that rappers are doing nowadays. They’ll bring up local athletes on stage with them when they hit certain cities. We’ve seen Joel Embiid and Russell Westbrook do it before, just as some examples, but those guys know how capture a crowd. Zeke, well, he basically just stood in the background.




For comparison, this was Embiid back in February

Now THAT’S how you bring the house down.

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