Joel Embiid Gets His Boogie On At A Meek Mill Concert In Philly



“I thought Joel Embiid was out with a knee injury? If a guy has missed 11 of his last 12 games, why is he going buckwild on stage at a Meek Mill concert? Knee looks pretty healthy to me. This guy is just becoming more and more of a distraction.”

I think I just wrote every Philly columnist’s Sunday column right there. Embiid is going to get crushed for doing this, but guess what, I love it. Every fan in Philly loves this dude, so why wouldn’t he want to get his boogie on in front 20,000 people?

But, like I said, he will get crushed for this. I guess it might be a little bit of a bad look when you’re supposed to have a knee issue and you’re hopping around stage like a madman.

I’ve said that Embiid is becoming the NBA’s Gronk and this is exactly something Gronk would do. Get injured and do a little bit of partying when you’re out with that injury. A classic Gronk move that he never gets heat for. Embiid will. Book it.



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