eBay Pulled the Aaron Hernandez Murder Car Auction

via eBay
Bad news for weird memorabilia collectors who had plans on dropping over $100K on Aaron Hernandez‘s 2006 Toyota 4Runner murder car and autographed jersey: eBay cancelled the auction Tuesday night.

Details from The Boston Globe:

“eBay pulled the ad off,’’ said Buddy Clair, owner of Westford Auto Sales who had posted the SUV for sale. “I have no idea why.’’
Clair said he learned the posting had been removed Tuesday night around 10 p.m. when he went to check on it. He has written to eBay asking for an explanation for the removal, but still wasn’t sure what the company’s reasoning was.

At the time we posted our article, the auction was sitting at $21,400 before skyrocketing into the six-figure range. The listing was slated to end on Sunday so there was still some real growth potential if eBay didn’t come down with the hammer.
As you would imagine, Clair is a little pissed:

“It’s valuable to somebody and somebody should have the right to own it without being criticized,’’ Clair said. “If we got lucky on this and sold it, we had talked about donating to the people that were involved in the history of it.”

You can still buy Aaron’s house:

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