Lady In Center At Target Field Takes A Miguel Sano Bomb Off The Jaw


This lady in Minnesota was enjoying a nice dinner in CF restaurant until she was hit in the face by a 466 foot HR off the bat of Miguel Sano

— Baseball Fam (@ShtBallPlayrsDo) May 3, 2017

Did you see the absolute bomb that Miguel Sano hit last night at Target Field against the A’s? It was crushed. And it hit a lady in the jaw — on the fly. And she needed x-rays to make sure that jaw wasn’t broken.

Folks, I’ve said it a million times, you’re not safe anywhere inside a park. You could be a half-mile from home plate and a Miguel Sano jack could find its way off your face. You might think you’re far enough back and then Sonny Gray serves up a meatball to Sano.

As for the lady, it’s being reported that her son “came back with two Sano balls and an autographed bat in exchange for the homerun ball.”

I was sitting 3 feet from her. It didn't bounce. Went right through 🙌🏻 and struck her jaw. She went for X-Rays and her Son came back (cont)

— Brennan Riley (@breal1618) May 3, 2017

— Brennan Riley (@breal1618) May 3, 2017

Miguel Sano said he was sorry to see his home run hit a woman.

Also said he was jammed "a little" on it.

Miguel is a delight, guys.

— Brandon Warne (@Brandon_Warne) May 3, 2017

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