Cody Kessler Now 1-8 As Browns QB, Looks Like Engagement To Ukrainian Model Valeriya Kuklishyna Is Off

Cody Kessler, who was 0-8 as the Browns QB in 2016, is apparently in the win column as a Browns QB. It appears, from my own research, that his engagement to smoking hot Ukrainian model Valeriya Kuklishyna is off and she’s trashed the IGs showing her in Cleveland, including the December photo where Kessler proposed in the romantic snow. Well, the feelings seem to be mutual because Kessler’s IG has been wiped clean and it appears the former USC QB has gotten his head straight and has moved on.
Now, before you crush me for saying how Kessler’s a moron for throwing Valeriya back into the Black Sea, hear me out on this one: Cody Kessler just turned 24, he has deep ties to the Los Angeles model market, has a decent $3.4 million contract and is still a professional quarterback. There are zero benefits for getting married to this chick. ZERO. The guy is 3-4 wins this season (Browns fans swear Osweiler won’t be on this team….SALARY DUMP! I’M TELLING YOU HE’LL BE CUT!!) away from guaranteeing himself a backup job for life and probably a nice $10 million contract the way we’re headed with NFL TV rights.
Kessler clearly came to his senses and realized he can always fly in some random model to stay at his place in Cleveland. Who knows, maybe this guy heads over to Put-in-Bay this summer and finds himself a fall fling. Nothing against Valeriya, she’s probably a special woman, but this is probably best for all parties.

No ring, clearly showing off that empty finger

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