Aaron Rodgers Dating SI Model Kelly Rohrbach?

It appears Aaron Rodgers has officially moved on from Olivia Munn and it’s with none other than golfing SI swimsuit model Kelly Rohrbach, according to a photo snapped at Westchester Golf Course in Los Angeles. According to TMZ, “witnesses tell us Rodgers and Rohrbach appeared to be holding hands and looked flirty — until they noticed people watching them.”
You might remember that it was just a couple months ago when Rodgers and Olivia Munn officially split. One of Munn’s final duties as 1st Lady of Green Bay was to write a handwritten letter to fans after the Packers were knocked out of the playoffs. There was also a possible dig at Rodgers’ family in that letter. That seemed to be a constant theme throughout the relationship.

As for this new relationship with Rohrbach, 27, it appears things are still in the ‘you carry your bag, I’ll carry mine’ stage. Go golfing, get some exercise, spend quality time away from the cameras. Annnnnnddddd then it ends up on IG and TMZ.
Rohrbach, a native of Connecticut, played collegiate golf at Georgetown.

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