Forrest Lamp & His Hot Girlfriend Endorse Lamps For The NFL Draft

I’m sensing a theme with these companies grabbing draftees to endorse their products. If you have a name that relates to anything, you’ve basically guaranteed yourself a deal. Jake Butt is naturally working with Charmin, which is a perfect match, and now Western Kentucky tackle Forrest Lamp is endorsing — wait for it– lamps.

Lamps Plus swooped in this draft after probably years of waiting for someone with the last name Lamp to be good enough to play in the NFL. Now they’ve got a projected 1st round pick slinging lamps for them. I can’t imagine the excitement they had while watching Forrest bully defensive lineman in Conference USA for 4 years.
Here’s more details from Lamps Plus:

“Lamps Plus brings a sense of comfort and security to homes with a large selection of lighting, home decor and furniture. Similarly, Forrest Lamp will be providing comfort and security for quarterbacks and running backs throughout his promising NFL career,” said Dennis Swanson, CEO of Lamps Plus. “While his name is perfect to endorse our company, we really like Forrest’s work ethic and enthusiasm. He will shine at the professional level.”

But this isn’t just Forrest’s gig, they got his girlfriend Natosha involved too, who is 10/10.

Lamps are officially hot in the streets.

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