Meet Natosha Boden — Girlfriend of Western Kentucky OL Forrest Lamp

The NFL Draft is just two weeks away, which means we have to start running out these prospect girlfriend posts for you thirsty dudes. You laugh now, but come draft night we already know you’ll be wondering who’s stealing the show in the green room.

Perhaps it will be Natasha Boden, personal trainer and girlfriend of Western Kentucky lineman Forrest Lamp. Forrest, owner of the best name in this draft, is a projected first-round pick — Walter Football has him 22nd to Miami, and SI has him 20th to Denver in their latest mock drafts.
A snippet of Forrest’s scouting report from

STRENGTHS Compact build but not lacking athleticism. Able to redirect weight back inside. Showed nimble feet when handling spin moves and inside shots from LSU’s Arden Key in 2015. Patient. Works feet and hips into position before engaging. Secures block with chopping feet and quality positioning. Bends and looks for low-man leverage with hip thrust under him. Uses short, controlled punch in run game. Clever with hands in pass protection. Throws short, teaser jab with outside hand to entice rushers into premature hand fighting. Effective counter-puncher defending edge and clears his chest and re-sets hands if defender gets into him first. Rarely bull-rushed. Processes quickly when defense runs games up front.

Hopefully Forrest is one of the 25 players to land a green room invite.
[Forrest Lamp- IG]

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