Michigan’s Jake Butt Got The Most Appropriate Endorsement Ahead Of The Draft

With a name like Butt, you’re a marketer’s dream coming into the draft when all of these guy’s get their first endorsement deals. There’s so many ways you can utilize a name like that. Does Preparation H need a spokeman? Boom, got your guy. Do those Booty Maxx infomercials need a demonstrator? Here’s Jake Butt for you.

Those are just some examples, but Jake Butt got the most obvious endorsement of them all before the draft tonight — Charmin toilet paper.

Until Lonzo Ball gets sponsored by Spalding, I don’t think we’ll ever see a better fit of name to product. His name’s Butt, so Charmin picked up the phone, gave him some money and dumped a thousand rolls of toilet paper outside of his house. So perfect.

Maybe the best endorsement deal ever! @JBooty_88 signing with @Charmin right before then #NFLDraft @UMichFootball @wsyx6 @B1Gfootball pic.twitter.com/Uwt8mQj7E1

— Chetan Rakieten (@chetanrakieten) April 26, 2017

Draft prospect Jake Butt just got a special delivery. pic.twitter.com/FyDXRF755d

— 97.1 The Fan (@971thefan) April 26, 2017

Has there ever been a better slogan than #BestDumpEver?