Bama Fan Stabbed A Guy To Death, Cops Say

Our friends at @IsolatedBammers did some investigative work on Tuesday and figured out that a 21-year-old Alabama Man who was arrested this week is also a Bama fan. I know, I know, “What does this murder have to do with Bama.” What does it matter is your next question. Look, I like to stick to sports and we needed a sports angle here. Just happens that Randall is a Bama fan. Booommm…sports angle. 

Anniston police Sgt. Shaun Firestone said officers were dispatched about 9:45 p.m. to a home in the 1700 block of Wilmer Avenue on a report of an unconscious male. Once at the home, they found Epperson on floor and he was pronounced dead on the scene.
Firestone said Epperson had multiple stab wounds to the back. Investigators spoke with witnesses, which led to the arrest of Randall Skyler Gaddy, 21. He is charged with murder.

Not sure how old Randall’s Bama pic is, but you’ll quickly notice that he’s had some neck work done. If things go according to the prosecution’s plan, he’ll have plenty of time to get that neck all painted up. BTW, I’m curious how much TV time a convicted murderer gets in Alabama. Going to jail for life — or an extended stay through college football season — has to be pure torture. Even if you get to watch on some 19″ LCD, you can’t have beers and cookout. Must suck bad.
Randall Gaddy/Facebook

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