Katherine McCarron Appears To Be Ready For Summer











Hey! It’s Katherine Webb-McCarron making an appearance this weekend on IG.
I saw this one pass through the timeline at some point Saturday night while I was drinking shots and eating a bunch of random meat at a neighbor’s house. I figured the weekend crew would get around to posting KWM’s latest masterpiece, but it never happened so here we are. The old guy has to pick up the slack Monday morning. I get it.


Anyway, it’s good to see KWM back to posting the swimsuit pics. BTW, what are the chances the Bengals deal AJ during the Draft? He obviously wants out and the Bengals obviously aren’t going to play him as long as Ginger doesn’t act like an idiot this season. The bad news for McCarron is that Mr. Cheapo holds his cheap contract and Marvin knows he’s sitting pretty if Ginger gets snapped in half.
Mike Brown knows he’s going to lose McCarron. Someone’s going to give the guy a monster contract next year. There was a time I thought KWM’s 15 minutes would be over after McCarron flamed out in the NFL. Now it appears these two are going to be around for at least the next decade.
Buckle up.

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Paulina Gretzky Dropping in on Masters Sunday