AJ McCarron Opening 'AJian Sushi' in Tuscaloosa

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If you’re a sushi snob, I’m going to advise you to exit out of this article right now, because what I’m about to reveal is downright terrifying… Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron is opening his own sushi joint in Tuscaloosa.

Yes, the former Alabama QB apparently has eyes on destroying the art of sushi with this “build-your-own” concept where people can order garbage like a goddamn Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Roll (via The Crimson White):

“You walk into our fast-casual atmosphere and you’ll design your own roll every time,” said Pete Zimmer, co-owner and main operator of Ajian Sushi. “At the hit of a button we’ll have white or brown rice, and from there you’ll pick your proteins, vegetables, toppings and sauces for close to $8 a roll.”
After spending 30 years in the restaurant business, Zimmer hopes to offer both the usual and unusual rolls one might expect from a classic sushi bistro. Ajian Sushi will maintain the traditional proteins like smoked salmon and spicy tuna, but will also provide options like the flamin’ hot Cheeto roll, peanut butter and jelly roll and the banana and Nutella roll for more daring customers.
“We’re going to do a lot of fun stuff,” Zimmer said. “We’ll have seasonal fruits and vegetables, different sides and salads, a lot of house-made drinks like lavender lemonade and agave gingerade and maybe even a dessert roll made of fruit roll-ups, rice krispy treats and licorice.

Basically what we have here are half baked Taco Bell ideas meshing with sushi, and I despise it. Open this restaurant anywhere else in the country and it would be a Flamin’ Hot disaster, but it’s Alabama so I fully expect it to be a hit.


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