Lane Kiffin Says He Never Used The Alias “Joey Freshwater”

It’s sad day in Lane Kiffin folklore. Well, that’s if you want to believe the story he told this morning on Clay Travis’ radio show. One of the greatest Kiffin stories ever told was his use of the name “Joey Freshwater” as an alias when he was trying to lock down some chicks at the bar. Obviously, he didn’t want to use his real name when spitting game, so he created the most outrageous fake name ever.

So early this morning, Lane spent an hour with Clay on his show and thank God Clay asked the question we’ve all been wondering.


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“No, I have not,” Kiffin said about using Joey Freshwater. “I’ve used Jimmy Chestnut but not Joey Freshwater.”

Kiffin, now the head coach at Florida Atlantic, laughed and then said he was just kidding about Jimmy Chestnut. When Travis suggested that Kiffin should rebrand as Joey Saltwater in a video, Kiffin admitted “I like that.”

“Someone told me Joey Freshwater is the best thing I’ve ever heard,” Kiffin said,” and I said ‘Well, his friend is Jimmy Chestnut and is just as good.”

You guys can believe what you want to believe, and I choose to believe that Joey Freshwater was a real alias that Kiffin used. It’s too great of a name to not be true.

He will always be a legend

You can listen to the full interview here

Lane Kiffin told @ClayTravis that he has never used the name Joey Freshwater, FAU video was calculated, and more:

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