Bama Fan Fined $25 For Using Metal Shovel To Dig Holes For Sandcastle On Panama City Beach

Bama fan Bryant Rylee, a youth pastor, tangled (not really) with Panama City Beach cops last week after he was caught digging sandcastle holes with a metal shovel, which is a no-no on PCB after a 2015 ordinance preventing college kids from digging holes for what I assume were the sunken beer pong tables. Last week, one thing led to another and Rylee was fined $25 for his actions.

The Bama fan wrote on Facebook:

This is the sand castle that cost me a $25 fine & could have cost me up to $500 & no more than 60 days in jail. Incase you didn’t know, at Panama City Beach you can’t dig deeper than 2ft & not exceeding 2ft long on the beach & you can’t use any metal tools. I’ve been going to PCB for spring break for over 13 yrs, we’ve always built things digging with metal tools. So be sure you study your ordinances before you make a trip. My big mistake was asking the ordinance number & asking to see the ordinance. Apparently the beach patrol lady didn’t like that so she called for back up… That’s when three other units arrived on the scene. One officer said, if I’d just cover the castle, I wouldn’t get a ticket but if I must inquire or see the ordinance, I will receive a ticket. It took them 20 minutes to find the ordinance & it’s not exactly the way they quoted. It said “2ft deep” but it didn’t say “not more than 2ft long” & since I had dug only about 1ft deep, I was only ticketed for my metal tools. I do support law enforcement & pray daily for their protection. And I do believe that “we the people” have a right to ask what ordinance number or to see the ordinance. So… How many cops does it take to shut down a sand castle bandit & his son? The answer is 4! Be careful out there!

Must’ve been a slow week on PCB for the cops. No opioid addicts to arrest, I guess.

As for why I included “Bama fan” in the headline — I’ve been asked quite a few times lately about this — I like to stick to sports. It’s pretty simple.

I assume the ordinance was drawn up to stop things like this: