Unemployed Drunk Jay Cutler Is Fun Jay Cutler

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I’m begging NFL teams to not sign Jay Cutler for the 2017 season because this guy is much better for Internet content when he’s unemployed and drinking Moet Rosé champagne on a Monday with his wife. This stuff is like $60 a bottle — no biggie for the Cut-Cavallari family — but it seemed to have Jay in good spirits while away on what looks to be a vacation before he has to get serious again about getting a job.
Or maybe not bothering.
Jay’s now 33, which means if he got it together, he could play for like 10 more years and set all sorts of NFL records for INTs.
Or he could just say screw it and live on his millions for the rest of his life and get drunk. The second option isn’t really sounding that bad. His wife makes a shitload of money off dumb cookbooks and other random things. She’s pulling in cash left and right. Maybe the play here for Jay is something about not wanting to die from CTE and Kristin gets all emotional and tells Jay — on an IG story — that’s it’s OK for him to retire.
Stay tuned.

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