Sean Payton & Brock Osweiler Don't Seem To Be Big Fans Of Snakes

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I hate snakes, but I love watching people freak out over snakes, especially rubber snakes laying next to golf carts so of course I’m going to give you guys Sean Payton and Brock Osweiler falling victim to #hissalot, probably my favorite new IG follow of the month. You know how you looked forward to that SI swimsuit issue hitting your mailbox back in the day? That’s how I’m feeling right now anticipating the next video of someone freaking out over a rubber snake.
No joke, I laugh every single time. Every reaction is different. Love the profanity. Love the high stepping from Osweiler. Love Payton trying to shove that club back into his bag.
I’m all in on this account.
And here’s an Eastern Diamondback you can get on Amazon for $25. Should provide hours of entertainment at the course this summer.
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