JJ Watt's Back Must Be Better Because He's At Remote Log Cabin Engaging In Snowball Fight

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ5IP7FXwa8]
Noted NFL tryhard diva JJ Watt (today’s his 27th birthday) seems to be doing just fine after undergoing back surgery last fall and a rehab that was reportedly scheduled to begin in December. By the way, zero chance you watch more than 10 seconds of the above video. You already know that JJ turned this into a give 115% Snap series where he tries to act cool. If you do watch the whole thing, let me know how many times he gets in a brand mention.
Spoiler: He lets the neighbor kids win the fight.

That’s the typical move from Watt. It’s like he’s constantly living an episode of the Bachelor. There are the puppy Snaps he’s been shooting lately. There are the tryhard workout videos he’s known for. The guy is a walking, talking, defensive end-playing brand bot.
Take today. His birthday. Guess how he celebrated at midnight? Yep, released a new shoe.

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