Take A Tour Inside J.J. Watt's Wisconsin Cabin

J.J. Watt told the Houston Chronicle in January that he was getting away this winter to a cabin in the “middle of nowhere” Wisconsin where he could just get back to living a pure life in the offseason without any distractions. “It’s really minimalistic,” Watt told the Chronicle.
TMZ did some digging over the weekend and posted a photo of the house, but no real details on how minimal we’re talking. A more detailed search of county tax records revealed that the Summit, Wisconsin house that J.J. now calls home is 32 miles from Milwaukee and 34 miles from Whole Foods. The nearest Panera is 7.8 miles from home. Buffalo Wild Wings is 17.6 miles from his house. It’s 15 miles from the town (Pewaukee) where he graduated high school.

That’s not really in the “middle of nowhere,” but when Watt says that, NFL media gobbles it up. Watt’s house is 2.5 miles from Starbucks. Gobble it up, NFL media.  Watt is out in the woods fighting black bears this winter….Have you ever seen a guy more dedicated to his craft than this guy?…Will Watt survive the harsh Wisconsin winter without heat and electricity?
Look, I understand Watt trying to throw off the media with his middle of nowhere story. It kinda tells them to back off this winter and don’t come looking for the guy. I get it. Just don’t double down with the whole minimalistic line. Your garage has keg taps. And air conditioning.
All this for $800,000 and on 36 acres.
[via RedFin]

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