Matt Ryan’s Worst Spring Break — Ever!

Here I thought Matt Ryan’s wife, Sarah, would be one and done with the ‘Matt Ryan Worst Spring Break Ever’ Snaps on Tuesday when she shot video of Ice wiping down his garage doors. Nope.

Now we get Snaps of Ice showing off his grilling stance, his Uber skills and sweeping the patio.

Hands down, confirmed…Spring Break doesn’t get any worse than this. And I’m confused why Ice and Sarah don’t jet off to a beach pad — maybe Cabo — and frolic in the sun. Maybe mix in a round of golf. I’m starting to feel bad for Ice. He needs some sort of release. I can see it in the Snaps. He needs to throw some spirals. He needs Julio to stop over and run some routes.

Nevermind. Julio just had surgery. He’s out due to a surgery. Maybe Sanu can stop by for some LaCroixs. Matt Stafford is out. Kelly is about to have twins. His life is over for a couple years.