Redskins Cheerleaders Pass Out Squad Posters at Middle School, Parents Get Pissed

Redskins Cheerleaders


The Washington Redskins‘ cheerleading team paid a visit to George Washington Middle School this week for the Read Across America initiative. Not really a huge deal, you would think — just the Skins doing some typical offseason community outreach. However, some controversy from their appearance arose after parents learned that the cheerleaders passed out those squad posters to students.

Seriously. In today’s case of people getting pissed over nothing, those tame team portraits featuring the women in their typical gameday outfits got parents all sorts of flustered.

Details from The Washingtonian:

“My daughter tells me a few Redskins cheerleaders were brought in to read poetry for Read Across America day, then they handed out flyers of the cheerleading team in bikinis,” one parent wrote. “The boys seemed interested in the flyers (understatement?); my daughter says she and her friends liked the poetry but found the flyers mildly disturbing.”

Other parents reported that some of the boys started ranking the cheerleaders by “hotness” and asked them “humiliating” questions about their relationships with players.

Hold up, sixth-grade boys were distracted from reading poetry because they had both cheerleaders and cheerleader posters in their faces? Crazy! Wouldn’t have seen that response coming if I were a parent…

Obvious lesson here for the First Ladies of Football: wait till after the reading event to pass out the PG photos.

Protect the youths from this!