MVP Matt Ryan Seems To Be Enjoying His Offseason, Gives The Garage Door A Good Wipe

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You think Matt Ryan thinks about that 1st and 10 from the Patriots 22, or whatever it was, with 4:40 left before Matty Ice held the Lombardi? Remember how Kyle Shanahan and Ice tried to throw the ball on first down? You think it all plays back in Matty’s head while he’s wiping down the garage door? Has to creep into his head.
The other thing that mesmerized me Monday when I saw the IG video of Matty Ice wiping down his garage door was that this guy made $15,750,000 in 2016 and will make the same in 2017. He just won the MVP. Just about won that Super Bowl. Here he is doing normal stuff. Wiping a garage window. I see this stuff and can’t stop thinking about how ordinary these rich guys are at the end of the day. Guys like Matty don’t have garage door wiping teams. They’re actual humans, not robots.
If only brands and marketing managers showed us this side. Humanize them just a bit.

Robotic. Not a fan. Clean more garage doors:
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