Jay Cutler Probably Missed The Target By 5-10 Yards

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Did you know Jay Cutler had an archery side to his life? Me either. No clue. Only way I learn these things is from IG stories or Snappy Chatty. Remember the photo of Jay with the bottle of beer and the baby? Would’ve never seen this if it wasn’t for Kristin Cavallari.
I bust her balls from time to time, but thank god she’s pumping out the Cutler content. Nothing gets people fired up like Jay doing something mundane so they can get angry. I have a feeling this whole bow thing is in response to the whole Gay Jay thing that happened during their Mexican boat-cation where Jay gay’d it up with Kristin’s gay friend. Time to gain some redemption, prove he’s a guy’s guy.

The moral of today’s story is that no deer should fear Jay Cutler. Zero chance he’s pumping an arrow anywhere near his actual target.

Bow huntin’ Jay

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NYC Strippers Taking Patriots In Super Bowl LI