Katherine Webb Congratulates Brent Musburger on Twitter

Brent Musburger is calling it a career at the end of the month, which means those of us who enjoy not-so-subtle gambling references and shoutouts to random hot women will have to find a new hero.
One of the girls Brent famously gawked over, Katherine Webb, recognized the iconic broadcaster today and thanked him for his work via Twitter:


Brent, of course, infamously lost his mind at the 2013 BCS National Championship game when he saw the one-two punch of Katherine and Dee Dee Bonner in the stands. One look at Katherine prompted Brent to urge all Alabama children to aspire to be quarterbacks — relive the moment below:
Sidenote: Don’t worry about Brent in retirement. He’s reportedly headed out to Las Vegas to start a sports handicapping business, because of course he is.
[Katherine Webb- IG]

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