Manny Ramirez is Back!


manny ramirez japan

Outside of a flurry of trades during the first week of December, the MLB Hot Stove hasn’t been so hot all offseason. A little disappointing, but that is what you’re going to get with a weak free agent crop loaded with old dudes no one wants for big money (and a draft pick).

However, it does look like BC Joe’s suspicions from a couple weeks ago were true: Manny Ramirez is headed to Japan to play for the Kochi Fighting Dogs at the age of 44!

Manny last played in Taiwan for The Rhinos in 2013 and killed it, batting .352 with eight home runs before leaving after 49 games.

In case you’re wondering how he’s looking these days, Juliana, Manny’s wife, posted a video of him working on his swing during the holiday season:

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