Parents and Students Fight After Ohio HS Basketball Game

Last Friday, some adults took it upon themselves to show students how to not behave at a sporting event by engaging in an all out brawl after a high school basketball game between Lexington and Wooster (Ohio).
As you can see below, these stand-up parents (and teens) hit the fan-fight trifecta of pushing, shoving, and recklessly tumbling down rows:
According to The Mansfield News Journal, the incident occurred after the game and was sparked by adult supporters from both sides:

Casey captured a portion of the fight on video and said it appeared the fight began behind the scoring table with adult fans from both teams. Students from Wooster then became involved, he said.
Both teams were held in the locker room until the altercation ended, Casey said. He estimated the fight went on for a few minutes.

Shoutout to these parents for inspiring some future NFL stadium fights.

Ohio High School Basketball Fans Brawl In The Stands Post-Game
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