Ohio High School Basketball Fans Brawl In The Stands Post-Game


Earlier this week when the Kentucky-Lousiville basketball fan fight video emerged, I tweeted over on @BustedCollege that I wanted to see more of these brawls at basketball games. We all know how the passion buckets get filled to the brim at big college basketball programs, I figured it was prime territory for some fight videos. Little did I know that a high school crowd would swoop in and steal the spotlight with this brawl last night.

This comes from Ohio, where a little shoving between two guys in the stands after a game leads to a full out brawl in the visitor’s stands.

Fight in the visitor section broke out after the Lexington-Wooster game. @MansfieldNJ @HenrySConte pic.twitter.com/YfatPOPXXm

— Connor Casey (@ConnorCasey_PC) December 31, 2016

This second angle is even better. You get the whole perspective of how wild this fight is. Parents involved, students involved, kids in the mix. Just a good old fashioned melee.

I never thought of Ohio as a big time high school basketball state, but this video alone bumps them right up under Indiana in terms of passion.

Lexington parents are wayyyy too lit honestly!!!! pic.twitter.com/6RUA7DvBeW

— Lauren Slaton (@l_slaton17) December 31, 2016