Jesse Jane Tells Us About Her 4-Way Celebration After Oklahoma Beat Ok. State & Plays M/F/K With Cowboys

Where do I even start with this one? Do I start with adult legend Jesse Jane telling us she “hangs out with [OU] players” or do we go straight to the part where she pretty much tells Zeke Elliott to call so they can just get it over with? When Jesse Jane says she’s like a guy, she means it. She loves sports, sex, talking sports, talking sex and once she knows that BC doesn’t give a shit about language on a podcast, she’s gets LOOSE.

There’s also the part where we learn Jesse selected 11 hot girlfriends to go to the Oklahoma State-Oklahoma game this past weekend in Norman, OK. One thing leads to another and she’s telling us how the victory celebration went down at some college bar. At some point a 4-way broke out between Jesse and some hot chicks.

I’ve told you guys over and over I refuse to play by the normal sports blogging rules. I don’t want to become some famous sports writer. I don’t want to work for ESPN, CBS, FS1, etc. Actually, I’d love to be able to sell my BC stock and get the hell out of this business. So that means you get fun shit like Jesse going nuts for 50 minutes.

Hope you enjoy.