Don’t Ask Bill Belichick About His Team’s Swagger Or Advanced Metrics

Bill Belichick

We had a peak Bill Belichick moment this morning during his news conference with the press. We get these quotes from Bill weekly it seems like these days because he has no time for the media and their dumb questions.

After a tough loss last week to Seattle, you have to expect the extra chippiness from him, so asking him about saber metrics probably wasn’t the greatest idea.

Advanced stats don’t win football games. Only regular stats do.

Then the reporters kept prodding. Next they asked him about the Patriots’ swagger, a very tangible thing that could have an impact on the play of a football team. Bill’s answer:

Full quote from NESN:

“Yeah, I don’t really know what that means,” Belichick said. “So I can’t answer the question. We’re just trying to win games. We’re not trying to create — I don’t know what the identity is. The identity I’d like is a team that wins a lot of games, OK? We’ve had some of that around here, so I’ll take that rather than being known as this kind of team or that kind of team.

Doesn’t even know what it means. All about football and only football. Peak Bill Belichick.

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