Hoodie’s In Midseason Former…”Jesus Christ” Answer To Jimmy G Question


Belichick Jimmy G Brad Question video

What happens if Jimmy Garoppolo goes 4-0, throws 20 TDs, cures cancer, saves a kid from drowning and starts banging a Brazilian supermodel? Will he keep Tom Brady’s job for Week 5 against the Browns? ANSWER IT, BILL!

Of course the NFL media is busy building up the transition from Brady to Jimmy G storyline. You see it coming. Tommy’s getting up there, maybe, if Jimmy G goes nuts, you give him the starter job.

Jesus Christ.

Watch: Bill Belichick calls for Jesus Christ to intervene after annoying Brady-Garoppolo question pic.twitter.com/rh1PZ9cDP5

— Steve Silva (@stevesilva) July 29, 2016

Here’s the exchange for those of you who can’t play video at work:

Belichick is pressed about the QBs. “What if Jimmy plays great?”

“I told you what’s gonna happen.”

“There’s no chance…?”

“Jesus Christ”

— Ben Volin (@BenVolin) July 29, 2016

BTW, love the sleeves. My dad wears shirts like this. Gotta let the guns breath.


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