The Last Browns Quarterback To Win A Game Is In Court This Morning



Unemployed NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel, the last Browns quarterback to win a game, is in court this morning to hammer out a solution to his domestic violence case against ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley, the girlfriend we advised him to avoid after he left rehab like two years ago.

I remember it like it was yesterday: We clearly told Johnny — through a blog post that we know his sister read because she got pissed at us — that he had to avoid Crowley to have any shot at staying sober. Yeah, you know the rest of the story. True, 99% of this is on Johnny. Crowley wasn’t going to stop partying, but you know how this goes. You’re a guy. You start thinking with your dick and one thing leads to another and you’re out of the NFL and in a court on a Thursday in November trying to hash out an agreement to get the charges wiped away.

We’re left with a Johnny who sits in random bars watching college football. We’re left with a guy who randomly shows up at sporting goods stores to look at Yeti coolers. I sit up at night sipping a nice Dickel whiskey thinking of what could’ve been with John if he never got mixed up with the Drake, Crowley, Miami crowds. I think of all the victories he could’ve provided to a starved Browns franchise.

Instead, he’s in an empty courtroom.

Manziel sits next to his attorney at his hearing at the Frank Crowley courthouse (Photo: @dwoo_woo)

— Naheed Rajwani (@naheedrajwani) November 17, 2016

#FOX4News: #JohnnyManziel remains behind as lawyer& Judge discuss possible dismissal of family violence charge.

— James Rose (@JamesRoseFox4) November 17, 2016


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