Johnny Spent Saturday Night Watching College Football At The Bar…With A Blue Moon?


I learned a couple of things this weekend about Johnny Manziel that I never knew — and here I figured I knew everything about Johnny after tracking his life for four years of my life. I learned that he’s a wallet on the bar guy and that he drinks what appears to be a Blue Moon. Never knew these kind of details.

The unemployed Manziel was spotted at the three-star (Yelp) Dallas joint Saturday night around the time when Ohio State got off to a slow start against Wisconsin. Just another ordinary night for a guy who had the college football world by the balls just three falls ago. Now he’s Blue Moon-ing it at a Dallas 3-star joint with a “killer skyline view.”

In other news, Vanity Fair is out with a Johnny Drug Usage story about how those who love Johnny have tried to save him from drugs over the years. Of course the writer didn’t contact me, the one who broke multiple Johnny stories — including the rolled money photo — for his report.

It was that June when his parents realized the severity of the problem—this according to Johnny’s longtime best friend, Steven Brant, who at the time lived with him in an off-campus house in College Station. It was there that Michelle found drug paraphernalia. “She came into the house and found some pipes, and she totally freaked out,” remembers Brant. “They moved him out. It happened so fast. I was out playing basketball, and when I came back Johnny was gone, and so was all of his furniture.”

Stevey Breezyy!

I remember the times when Johnny’s inner circle tried to destroy me for trying to end the Johnny party with blog posts. Now they’re telling Vanity Fair that they all tried to end the partying to save Johnny. Love it.

Manziel chilling at Happiest Hour in Dallas.

— Shan Shariff (@1053SS) October 16, 2016