This Was A Great MACtion Catch By Tyler Conklin…But He's No Cody Thompson

I see that everyone’s going nuts over some Central Michigan guy named Tyler Conklin who had some amazing catch during last night’s game against Ohio. I see that SportsCenter’s going nuts. Bloggers are losing their minds. You know the routine. Make a great catch thanks to Stick-um, people go nuts.
So I’ll give Tyler his props for making a great catch. The bad news: Tyler’s (37 catches, 514 yards, 6 TDs) not in the same league as my guy Cody Thompson (50 catches, 1,021 yards, 9 TDs) at Toledo. Loyal BC readers know I’ve been on the Thompson wagon since the early days. So give Conklin all the national publicity. Gritty Cody Thompson will just go out there and work on his 20 yards per catch average tonight against Ball State.

Here’s SportsCenter’s reaction:

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