Meet Jessica Patterson — Girlfriend of Toledo WR Cody Thompson

I’m from LA so my college football knowledge beyond some teams in the Top 25 and Pac 12 is fuzzy at best. Sorry, people here really just don’t give a damn. But thanks to my boss’s constant tweets about Toledo, I’m well aware of their stud wide receiver Cody Thompson. I mean, you can’t ignore a future Bill Belichick prospect:

Cody’s having his best collegiate season yet as he’s tallied 917 yards and 9 touchdowns through eight games. Two weeks ago, he blew up Central Michigan’s secondary with four touchdown receptions. If you aren’t watching Cubs-Indians Game 7 tonight, you might as well tune in for his game against Akron.
Oh, and Cody’s also killing it off the field dating Clevelander Jessica Patterson.

Quick hits on Jessica:

  • University of Cincinnati student
  • Business Major
  • ∆∆∆

[Jessica Patterson- Twitter | IG]

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