Oregon’s Darren Carrington After Injuring Stranger: "I'm Darren Carrington, No. 7, WR for the Ducks"

Mike Holland, a University of Oregon Business alum, traveled to Eugene last month to watch his Ducks beat down Arizona State before Halloween. Sounds like a great time, but unfortunately for Mike he ended up getting roughed up himself… by an Oregon player.
According to The Oregonian, Holland broke his arm after getting pushed off a curb by wide receiver Darren Carrington. The report states Carrington might have confused Holland for someone else:

They said Carrington was wearing face paint as part of a Halloween costume, which matches photos from that night posted on his Instagram account and a Snapchat video that Holland said he shot earlier that night and sent to police. Holland and his friends, none of whom know Carrington personally, each said they “instantly recognized” the junior receiver.
They said Carrington yelled at the group that he’d “heard what you said about me” from a car. Holland said the group did not have a car that night and believes that Carrington confused Holland or his group with someone else.
“Before I had even time to process what was going on fully, I was pushed at full force, kind of like you would to a bench press, from Carrington,” Holland said. “As I was breaking my fall on the asphalt with my right hand, I landed pretty forcefully. That’s when I broke my arm.”

The best part? Carrington proudly boasted his status after the attack:

After the alleged shove, Holland and witnesses also said Carrington began yelling at the group as they began walking to the hospital, saying, “‘I’m Darren Carrington, No. 7, wide receiver for the Ducks, that’s right, Darren Carrington, San Diego, California,'” Holland said.

Carrington’s been in trouble in the past for failing a drug test as well as an open container violation.

Can’t deny that his Joker costume was on point though:

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