Arianny Celeste Seems Ready For 205, Sad Browns Fan & ABC L.A. News Fails

What a wild week, one that makes me want to go on a permanent vacation from this shit
I was talking to Mrs. BC last night or the night before about how this shit will wear on you – me. It’ll soon be nine years since I started BC and there have been very few times when I’m like ‘fuck it, I’m done,’ but this week has been headed that way. The anger from both sides has been to the point where I’d love to just head out and find something new to do with life. Maybe plant trees or something in the dirt. Maybe some job where I don’t have to look at a Tweetdeck where people want to stick a switchblade in another person’s back. Maybe work with dogs who just want to run in the grass, woods, swim in the water, take dumps and naps. Anything besides watching people turn into savages — and not in a faux way like myself and other bloggers will say to sound cool to our followers because it’s a buzz word. Thank god there are several fun people I’ve met during my time running BC that bring me back from the ledge. They’ll tweet me a mugshot of a guy with a ’69’ face tattoo and I’m instantly in a good mood. This week shall pass. The weather will finally get cold and people will soon put up the Christmas lights. The anger will turn to Black Friday ‘Doorbusters’ and other shit that you don’t need. “Hey, look at the $10 waffle maker, I NEED that shit in my life!” I also talked to Mrs. BC about what to get me for Christmas. She asked. I mumbled something about a power sander and a longer cellphone cord. This is how out of it I am with this world. I just want to work with wood and listen to tunes via my phone. The rest of the world can just leave me the fuck alone. Bash in car windows. Scream at reporters who you think are biased. Raise hell all you want. And before you start saying I’m some sort of racist Trump supporter, I voted for Her. I voted for her thinking she was the lesser of two evils. But life will go on and I’ll have to take care of myself like the rest of you. I need to cover the stairs on my pool. I need to install new can lights. I need to work on my basement. I need to clean up my desk. I need to figure out the next stage in life after I finally break from the social media cage match that used to be fun and built BC.
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IG Models Get Back To Being IG Models, Sam Wyche Looking Good & Seahawks Used Deflated Ball?
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