Meet Annie McIntosh — Girlfriend of Bama Backup QB David Cornwell


David Cornwell might be the luckiest bench riding quarterback in the SEC. The guy will have a bunch of rings to display in his corner office at some corporate job down the line and just happens to be dating Bama sorority powerhouse blonde Annie McIntosh.

The guy has a natty ring, hasn’t thrown a pass in college and has a top-5 SEC girlfriend. The rich just keep getting richer at Bama. Annnnnddddd…it’ll take an Auburn miracle to keep Roll Tide out of another Final Four — and it still might not be enough. Cornwell could be rolling around Tuscaloosa with two natty rings, McIntosh and zero completions. Let that sink in for a minute.

And you guys sit around wondering why stud H.S. QBs head to Saban World and ride the bench. Think about this for a minute. You roll into town, keep your head in the game and you leave that campus with a bunch of Bama boosters throwing jobs at you because you have rings to show clients. This is basic math, fellas. Bama booster — after graduating, of course — has the perfect sales job. You’re the closer. They bring in some no-name UAB grad to work for peanuts and then call Cornwell out of the pen to seal the deal.

Cornwell rolls in via Bama-made Mercedes, walks in wearing one of those monster Natty rings and literally has grown men in his hands like limp spaghetti. He pulls off the natty and asks the grown men if they want to try it on. Boom…sales. Cornwell rolls out of there, back into his Mercedes to the airport and jets off to some exotic beach to celebrate another day as a Bama champion.

Anyway, it looks like McIntosh-Cornwell is going strong. Good luck to these two.

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