Notre Dame Fan Gets Dumped By Fiancee, Goes To Irish Game On Wedding Day, Watches Irish Lose To Navy



Poor Notre Dame fan Sean Bradshaw. He was supposed to get married Saturday, November 5. He had proposed, had a bride-to-be, everything was set and then it happened. He got dumped, the wedding was off and Sean was a single guy again just trying to get through life after a woman rips out his heart.

So Sean, family and friends spent Saturday at the Navy-Notre Dame game in Jacksonville having his heart ripped out again by a bad Irish team who had six possessions IN THE ENTIRE GAME and lost 28-27.

St. Louis station KMOV has the rest of the story:

When his fiancée canceled the wedding in April, Bradshaw was devastated. So, his friends and family decided they wanted to do something fun to make sure the only memories Bradshaw had of the canceled wedding day were happy ones.

Although Bradshaw lives in St. Louis, the group, which includes Bradshaw’s father and brother, decided that attending the Notre Dame versus Navy game would be the perfect way to spend November 5.

Bradshaw even made a sign to make sure all of the other fans knew where is allegiances lie.

After a fun weekend in Jacksonville cheering on his favorite team, the only thing that could make a fun weekend for Bradshaw even better? A victory for the Fighting Irish.

I hope there’s another part to this story. I hope that Sean started banging his ex-fiancee’s best friend. I hope that someone on the Jacksonville trip got the guy a 5-star hooker to drive up from Orlando. I hope Sean got shitfaced. I hope Sean had the time of his life watching the Irish go to 3-6. I hope Sean realizes how lucky he is that she called off the wedding instead of taking his ass to the cleaners in a divorce.

Sean, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Part of the would-be wedding party:



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